Fisher/Castellano Phase I
Palo Alto, California

This new, sustainable San Francisco South Bay house received an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Design Award.

The 2,000 s.f. house embodies the essential ideas of form, mechanics, and spirit. For the form of the house, we looked at the site and the sun. For the mechanics of the house, we looked at sustainability and the simplicity of wood construction. For the spirit of the house, we demanded subtle treatment of detailing and comfortable proportion, along with a sensitivity to the living and working habits of the client. The garden is an integral part of the design.

Green, sustainable products and operating systems were used: two long, continuous barrel vaults act as heat chimneys to eliminate hot air in the summer and admit the sun in the winter; passive radiant heat is used throughout; and wood trellises modify the amount of sun entering the house in the summer and in the winter.

Six years after completion of the house the owners requested Lindy Small to design a second story addition.