La Punta Residence
Orinda, California

Kitchens are seductive when photographed and published, as colors are coordinated, fruit and flowers arranged, clutter removed, lighting just so. What is difficult to tell from glossy images is how well a kitchen really works.

The East Bay Kitchen for a Cook is an excellent example of a kitchen that really works. It is a kitchen for an accomplished cook. It is also a kitchen that is independent yet connected to a formal dining room, a kitchen with an informal 'cafe nook', and a kitchen ideal for a couple as well as a crowd. It is a true working kitchen for all occasions.

There are many things to take into account when designing a kitchen – surfaces, materials, storage, circulation, spatial relationships, natural light. These are all important considerations in designing a kitchen.

What is equally important in designing a kitchen is how a person works in a kitchen, and generally, what their kitchen is all about. Is it a kitchen for one or more cooks? Is there a 'mess factor' that the client wants to hide? Does the kitchen function purely as a kitchen or as a social center, or both? What is the relationship of the kitchen to adjacent rooms, and if there is a separate dining room, how does the circulation work between the two?
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